Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Princess Condi's Prime Minister Trifecta!

Pony Pals™, do you realize that our heroine met with not one, not two, but three Prime Ministers yesterday? She started off in the morning with the easiest, the one from Georgia:

And in the early afternoon, she tossed him aside and welcomed the PM from the Republic of Macedonia:

I wonder if she even bothered to move from her chair?* And is it me, or are these Balkans kinda cute? Anyway, after that, they weren't coming to her anymore, so she flew up to Ottawa to meet with number three:

Please note her wardrobe savvy: basic black, can withstand the sputterings of three heads of state! Wise choice, Condi!

*Another possibility: did they meet with the real Condi, or the super-handy Condibot™?

UPDATE: Read this fascinating analysis of what makes Condoleezza tick. Highly recommended!

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