Monday, July 11, 2005

While You Were Sleeping

Condi's been a busy gal this weekend with her Asian tour. This morning she was in Thailand. Here she is with a budding hairdo protegé:

And here she is at a news conference (note that it's an updo day):

Hey, given that one of Sparkle Pony's favorite hobbies is seeing how news photographers let their attentions wander when they're forced to cover Condi's every move (previous examples here), what are the chances that the Reuters snapper will get distracted by that colorful flower arrangement?

I'd say pretty good. (All news photos unaltered.)


Anonymous said...

Dear pink princess sparkle pony,

I respectfully submit an image for the chop block:


Anonymous said...

Dangit, img link got cut off.

Anyway, it's the picture in this article.