Monday, June 06, 2005

Corporate Media Finally Notices Condoleezza's New Hairdo

This report finally clawed its way to the surface at
The most famous flip in Washington since Jackie Kennedy 's is getting a sophisticated, maybe even presidential, remake. We hear that Secretary of State Condi Rice is ditching her trademark flip and moving to a more elegant French twist and other upswept designs. "I'm surprised nobody's noticed," said one pal about the media's obsession with Rice's fashion. "People kept thinking she'd cut it. But then she came in one day with a whole new do. It's like a big blowout of the hair." The insider's assessment was that the change is for the best. "She was mocked on Saturday Night Live for her hair, so it's a good thing."
Sparkle Pony readers knew about this, what, 1 1/2 weeks ago?

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