Friday, May 20, 2005

HUGE Condi Hairdo News, and I'm a Day Late Because I was Ranting about Star Wars

OMGOMGOMG! Are you seeing what Barham Salih, Minister of Planning of Iraq was seeing earlier today?

That's right... the day we've all been dreading has come. Here's another view:

The flip... is... gone!

And imagine the deep shame I felt when I looked back to yesterday's wire photos, and there it was (or wasn't, rather) again:

I had missed it for a whole day! Going back two days to the 18th, here's the last known photo of the intact flip:

That means sometime late Wednesday or early Thursday, Condi marched into the salon and barked, "It's time! The flip's history!" So there you have it: I'm a day late on MAJOR Condi hairdo news... but still first.


Julee said...

Don't worry, I will still look to you as the ultimate source on Condi's hair.

I'm sure you will really miss the flip.

Anonymous said...

She gave up the flip for the mushroom cloud. Are we to assume, then, that a pre-emptive nuclear strike against North Korea is imminent?


Fireblossom said...

Somehow the bit about Condi barking caused me to end up with a nose full of Coke Zero. I know I know, don't snort Coca COLA. Duh @ me.