Monday, May 23, 2005

Condi Hairdo Status Report: The Flip is Back!

OK, so we were all just a little excited, weren't we? I guess the flip was never cut off, it was merely pasted in place... or stapled, or something. But as you can see from today's photo below, the flip, Christlike, has risen again:

Also, see Condi smiling? See her friend Hamid Karzai smiling? You can't tell here, but she's just about to tell him, essentially, to fuck off.


Anonymous said...

Oh my virgin pony ears!!!

I'm amazed at the pics though, I can't see where the flip is hiding when it was gone. Do you think its a stealth flip, or retractable flip? Maybe she was just cold that day... or not excited enough to flip.

Sister Nancy Beth Eczema said...

In light of the rioting, looting, murdering, & general mayhem your news about Condi's tresses set off, you have an obligation to be more accurate in these matters.