Sunday, March 13, 2005

She Enjoys Being a Girl!

Princess Sparkle Pony was a little groggy this morning, thanks to the fantastic DJ stylings of Mr. Mould and Mr. Morel, so she'll have to paraphrase how Bob Schieffer greeted Condoleeza Rice on Face the Nation. It went something like this:

Mr. Schieffer: Before I ask you the tough, hard-hitting questions, let me tell you that I saw a picture of you all dolled up in red (holds up newspaper) and... Hubba hubba, and va-va-va-VOOM!

Dr. Rice: Wheee! *giggle* tee hee!

It's so nice that Condi has settled so girlishly into her new role: Dress-me-up Secretary of State Barbie! I'm busy putting together some new fashion outfits for Condi. I'll post them later today!

EDIT: Oh, Behave!


onlineguy said...

Oh, that's a nice one. Before she got the breast implants.

Anonymous said...

I dont appreciate your taste in comedy. I do not find your statement amusing or entertaining in any way whatsoever. If you would like to make fun of someone for no reason, at least your joke should leave them with some dignity and it might as well be worth looking at.

F said...

I dont appreciate your taste in commenting. I do not find your statement interesting or insightful in any way whatsoever.