Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Who Is The Next Sparkle Pony Superstar? Plus: Metablogging!

I wanted the Nauga to look like Nancy Reagan in those old photos from the 80s. Did I get the "worshipful gaze" right?

It should be obvious by now that Joni Ernst, who comes across as a barely intelligible found-object joke House candidate will, in fact, be the next SENATOR from Iowa.


So we're going to have SUPERCRAZY Joni for six whole years. I have a feeling she is going to be very, very entertaining. 

Now for the metablogging!

Sorry I haven't been posting much here lately. It's just a phase, honestly.

But if you simply aren't getting enough Pink Pony in your life, please do follow me on Twitter, because a lot of things in the past which would have been "hit and run" posts here are exactly the type of items that end up being tweets now instead. So "news photo with humorous sentence" posts are far more likely to end up there rather than here.

But Joni... oh, Joni! Those gigantic teeth show promise. Also: that wedge hairdo will make Photoshopping a dead cinch.

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The Cat's Meow said...

Oh, thank you. I've been so bummed about the midterms that I hadn't quite gotten to the point where I could pull on my let's-mock-them-all hat. Hooray!