Wednesday, September 10, 2014

People Have Things 'N' Stuff To Say About Condi Commish Rumors

(Sparkle Pony Flashback to October 22, 2005!)

It's fun to have fresh Condiproduct back in the news for the first time since all those fake Condi Veep Rumors in 2012. The NFL commissioner stories have this yearning quality to them, because Condi has stated before that that's her dream job, so BIOGRAPHY, PEOPLE, IT'S WHAT SELLS. You know, bookends 'n' such, genuine Hallmark Hall of Fame stuff. Everyone wants this story to happen, even if they're unsure why or outright skeptical. So who is saying what about Commissioner Condi?

  • Noah Wyland at ABC News has a kind of "sure, why not?" approach to Condi, but points out that it's unlikely Roger Goodell will leave any time soon. "Rice’s appeal could hinge on her offering a more sophisticated public face to the league and its fans, a more worldly outlook commensurate with her work as secretary of state," Wyland states with a straight face. Mr. Wyland! Condoleezza Rice was not a good secretary of state! Under Bush, her role was reduced to vapid spokesmodel. The NFL shouldn't hire her as commissioner; they should hire her to do TV commercials.
  • John Kass at the Chicago Tribune thinks the NFL should can Goodell and promote Condi because chicks dig Condi, basically. 
  • Newsmax has a routine retelling of Jonathan Cepeheart's ridiculous editorial which got this whole ball rolling, but I love this comment wherein a Condifan laments that Dr. Ferragamo becoming NFL commissioner would seriously derail Condi Veep Rumors. "Rice/Carson 2016!"
  • Larry O'Connor at the Washington Free Beacon cleverly says, "Have a problem with Ray Rice? Solve it with Condi Rice!" And that's pretty much where I stopped reading that article.
  • "Now, some are saying Condoleezza Rice.... should replace Goodell," says Fox News. Nope! Just one person! Just one blogger at the Washington Post!
  • Who expected The Hill to be the real spoilsports? "Roger Goodell believes his job is safe." Well then.

What do I think? I'm torn. I'd like Condi to be in the news more, but not at the expense of having to regularly write about football. Plus, seriously, Condi has the plushiest job ever right now, safely ensconced in her tightly controlled little Stanford bubble and her micromanaged yet bafflingly lucrative speaking engagements. Is she really ready to leave that for real work? I doubt it. I'm holding out for Condi Veep Rumors to start up again.


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Piano concerto half-time shows, maybe?

Terry in Silver Spring said...

"Condoleezza Rice was not a good secretary of state! Under Bush, her role was reduced to vapid spokesmodel."

True, but the team owners might be very happy with a spokesmodel publicly presenting their interests.