Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Art Collection: "Indoor Sports" Drawing By Tad Dorgan, Early 1920s

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Here's another great Tad drawing of office politics from the early 20s. How to deal with the office bores? Simply set them on each other! This one lacks a lot of archaic slang, so it's not as impenetrable as a lot of the other ones I've featured here. Note how short neckties were during this period, and that they were outnumbered by bow ties.

Tommy Ryan was a famous boxer who ended his career in 1907, so the blowhard in the background is really reaching into the past for his story of erstwhile glory. 

Technically, wow, Tad really went all-out on this one. Look at all the work he put into that column! He obviously spent a lot of time on this drawing.

Some details, because this example really deserves it:


LIBear said...

'til not till
That annoys me.

Peteykins said...

Yeah, me too. A "till" is a cash register drawer. Try telling anyone that and they'll act like you're history's greatest monster.

MrBadTrash said...

I'm trying to figure out how to use this technique in my office.