Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Art Collection: "Outdoor Sports" Drawing By "TAD" Dorgan, 1922

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I just scored three drawings all at once from Heritage Auctions: two Tads and a Bushmiller. Yay!

The one shown above, from Summer of 1922, is the least impressive of the batch; it seems to be pretty hastily drawn. Otherwise, it's a classic Indoor/Outdoor Sports panel, with the deluded on one side and the delusion puncturers on the other. I'm afraid women are generally not portrayed very sympathetically by man's-man Tad. They tend to either be in the background or they're awful, brainless chatterboxes. Otherwise, this is a good reminder that dieting gags haven't really changed much in ninety years! Some details:

Below: the guy on the left is an Ice Man (note his tongs in the overall image). This is really sketchy for Tad:

Below: this is about as bad as hands get in Tad drawings:

Next: an early consumer electronics gag!

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PhysioProffe said...

The plaid skirt is awesome!