Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Jonathan Capehart Would Like Your Hot Gay Aaron Schock™ Tips, Please. Until Then, Shut Up You Gossipy Bloggers

Add the Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart to the membership list of the "I'm going to write about this juicy gossip, but I'm going to couch it in terms of rising above such gossipy gossip" camp of Gay Aaron Schock™ reportage Ahem:

So, those self-righteous folks who believe Schock is gay and is being hypocritical by voting against LGBT interests should come forward with actual, first-hand proof that he has a closet from which to emerge. If you have it, e-mail me at capehartj@washpost.com. Or reach out to another member of the press. Until then, it’s all gossip.

Emphasis mine.

UPDATE: Brandon Ambrosino, at Time, also "takes the high road" in the most condescending manner possible. Oh! So high 'n' mighty! Bitches be jealous.


The Cat's Meow said...

I don't understand. He needs more proof than the belt?

Anonymous said...

Way to rain on everyone's parade, Capehart. Gossip...patooey.


samael7 said...

Heheheheh, you said, "camp."