Friday, October 18, 2013

The Hairdo Beyond Space And Time

(Click for bigger.)

I'm sorry about the atrocious quality of the photo above, sneakily taken while waiting in line for lunch (Can you identify the food source? I bet you can!), but I was basically quaking, I was so excited and astounded.

Yes, her hair is buzzed to stubble all around and, as you can see, cut quite high above the ears, and capped with a magnificent burst of bleached, somewhat Jheri Curled afro. And it's not a wig, it's thrillingly real! And this wasn't a punk rocker or an extravagant fashion victim (you may argue that point), but just an apparently ordinary middle-aged secretary or administrator.

Perhaps it was her "shutdown hairdo"? I kept oscillating between What were you thinking? and I'm so glad you did!

Anyway, it was INTENSE. Like a gift from the hairdo gods.