Friday, September 27, 2013

Quickie: Jennifer Rubin Is Just Toying With Us Now

OK, so the other day I declared that Jennifer Rubin had won the current round of publishing the worst sentence ever to appear in the Washington Post. As if to underline her supremacy, yesterday she included this gem on her blog:

The House in the next few days with get the Senate CR, tweak it and send it back.

Look, Jen, you've won the title! You can relax for a few days! The ball is in Richard Cohen's court now.

This appears to confirm that Jen's editor is basically spell check.


Anonymous said...

Couple of weeks ago I saw where the now ex-ombudsman was asked what the Post could do to improve. He said they should fire Rubin because he had to spend too much time answering complaints about her inaccuracies and her refusal to ever correct the mistakes. Who knew it was all spell checks' fault.

The Cat's Meow said...

Oh, if only I were a right winger so I could make money being some once-respectable publication's token conservative idiot. Or maybe not.