Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ridiculous Squirrel Thinks She's Marilyn Monroe

I had the following conversation with Miss Noodles the Squirrel today:

Miss Noodles: Hey, Peteykins! How's your day going?
Me: Oh, hey Miss Noodles. Not bad. I had to help somebody who wanted a really obscure detail from a painting earlier, so that was interesting. How are you?
Miss Noodles: Great! I got into a fight with a starling this morning!
Me: A starling? That doesn't sound wise. Who won?
Miss Noodles: Let's talk about something else. Why are you sitting on that weird mesh grate?
Me: Cold air comes out of it. It feels good on a hot, humid day.
Miss Noodles: I'm going to try that!
Me: Be careful with your little paws.
Miss Noodles: Oooh, I like this! Look at me! I'm going to do that Seven Year Itch thing!
Me: Uhhhh...
Miss Noodles: Look! Look! I'm doing it!

(Click either for bigger.)

Me: OK, in order for that to work, Miss Noodles, you have to stand up, and you have to be wearing a dress with a billowy, pleated skirt.
Miss Noodles: Ohhhhhhh.... [closes eyes]
Me: Miss Noodles?
Miss Noodles: Ohhhhhh, this just feels sooooooo good!
Me: You are an embarrassment to squirrels everywhere, Miss Noodles.


Comradde PhysioProffe said...

Hahahahah. That's a cute squirrel!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! I see the resemblance.


HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

That. is. AWESOME.