Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Richard Cohen Came In Through The Bathroom Window

Like a fly drawn to feces, Richard Cohen simply can't resist an infidelity story, and so we all must suffer the consequences. Actually, I'll suffer the consequences for you (sorry, no link now that the Washington Post has a paywall; trust me when I say it isn't worth it).

But rest assured that Richard Cohen knows exactly what Huma Abedin is going through, because he himself was once the victim of cheating! This comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody. And neither should the fact that Cohen got all creepy and stalkery as a result:

In the morning I called her place, but there was no answer. I called again — and then again and again. Worried, I rushed over to her apartment and finding an open window, I climbed in. No one was home. Suddenly, her phone rang. It was my roommate, Neil, who knew where I had gone. Linda had just called, he told me knowingly. She said she had overslept. She said she was at home.

He goes on to speak of betrayal, forgiveness, Hillary Clinton, Silda Spitzer, etc., etc. "I could tell you of others, men as well as women," the addled typist continues, "but they are not public or historical figures, and they own the rights to their own lives."

How magnanimous!  How thoughtful and caring! Of course one of those "others, men as well as women" would be Cohen himself, who famously "dated" Peter Jennings' wife and, in an unrelated incident, was disciplined by the Post for perving on the young ladies in the newsroom. You would think these small details would be included as relevant to the story! But no, Cohen is too busy thinking about his own hurt, the poor thing. Poor Richard Cohen! Let's all feel sorry for him, OK?

In other news, Jeff Bezos just purchased the Washington Post, and he swears he isn't going to change a thing! I can think of one thing he should change.


Anonymous said...

I read the Cohen article today in the Post and then dashed immediately to your blog, knowing how you feel about Cohen and hoping you would write your own opinion piece as a response. Yay! I enjoyed the photo too, what a bonus! Did you know he was a four-time Pulitzer Prize finalist?! (according to Wikipedia, so not so sure). That whole Wikipedia page about him reads like a horror story.

Peteykins said...

The fact that he never won the Pulitzer almost makes up for worst film critic in the world Stephen Hunter, also a Postie, winning the award.

The Cat's Meow said...

I had exactly the same thought the very instant I heard about Bezos.

Anonymous said...

He felt betrayed by the Pest (broke and sold to Amazon) so this horrid little creep blamed "Lisa."

Anonymous said...

"stalkery" is wonderful Manglish.

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Bezos must mean "kiss" in some language or another.

As for RC, of course somebody was unfaithful to him... multiple times.

Let the Kiss be his next experience.