Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Facebook Users: A Favor, Please?

For some reason, my post about Gallery on Baum's terrible Ernie Bushmiller forgery is getting a lot of hits via Facebook today. Since I don't have a Facebook account (I know, right?), I can't figure out where it's coming from. Can some Pony Pal track down this FB post and tell me what's going on?

Thank  you!

In thanks, I'll post a recently acquired *real* 1959 Bushmiller drawing, featuring Aunt Fritzi in a negligee, tomorrow.

UPDATE: it might be a user named Shaun Clancy? Or Terry Beatty? Again, I can't see this stuff, so screenshots would be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Thanks much to Pony Pal Nelly, who located the post by Terry Beatty.

I ended up laying off Gallery on Baum, because despite my best efforts, few people seemed to care, and that includes the law enforcement officials who simply ignored my efforts to expose this fraud. :( I regard this as a personal and professional failure. DOUBLE :(

However, I just looked at GoB's eBay page, and everything they're selling at the moment is genuine, so maybe they've cut it out with the forgeries? I like to think I gave them enough of a "Google Problem™" to put an end to their vending of forgeries. So perhaps that's a victory of sorts after all?

UPDATE AGAIN: Terry Beatty, a very talented cartoonist,  responded in the comments to this post. Perhaps we can revamp this investigation? I'm frankly pessimistic, but we'll see.


PhysioProffe said...

I kinda wish you hadn't reposted the forgery, because it is physically painful to look at.

Fran said...

I poked around and did not see it on the FB pages of the two people that you mentioned. They both belong to cartoon groups, which I also poked around, but I found nothing that would lead to this. There is a certain serpentine quality to FB that does not lend itself to finding what you want to find...

Anonymous said...

Gosh, is that Terry Beatty, the famous comic artist?

Terry Beatty said...

I'm partly responsible, having posted a link to your blog. Shaun Clancy was posting scans of forgeries that he'd been offered by Gallery on Baum in the "Cartoon Research" group -- and that got me going on the subject. Comic art forgeries get my blood boiling -- and there have been plenty of them on eBay lately, from various sources -- and Baum has been known among comic art collectors as a notorious source of phony pieces for some time now. Baum may have pulled the fakes from their website -- but a few pieces among the thumbnails at the bottom of their homepage still look questionable to me -- the "Watterson" especially.

Peteykins said...

Yeah, that Calvin and Hobbes forgery has been roundly trashed elsewhere. I strongly recommend the curious to click on the "Gallery on Baum" topic tag on this post for lots of tips 'n' tricks concerning the collection of cartoon and animation art. If you don't know your stuff, it's a real minefield.