Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OMG, Wow! Not Only An Ursula Plassnik Spotting, But An INCREDIBLE Ursula Plassnik Spotting!!!

(Foto © APA)

How long has it been? HOW LONG? It has been over a year, in fact, since we last enjoyed a sighting of our favorite affable giantess, the goddess Ursula! I must say, that incredible dress was worth the wait! Of all the nutty outfits and epic scarves I've seen draped over La Plassnik's formidable frame, this is her most exciting and bewildering ensemble EVER. Yay! On any other person in the entire universe, that dress/jacket combo would look ludicrous, but on Ursula, the fun-sized Auntie Mame of Austrian diplomacy? MAGIC.

I'm afraid I must politely refrain from saying anything about her taste in men. He looks like a very nice man.

The photo was taken at some... thing on September 1 which involved "Glanz und Glamour," so naturally Ursula was invited. Be sure to look at the slide show for the event, because there are many noteworthy fashion triumphs/catastrophes present!

Ahhhhhh. Was that good for you, too?


Fran said...

OMG, that was great!

Civic Center said...

Yes, that was good for me too.

The dress looks like a winning ensemble for a Project Runway competition after everyone has gone all They Shoot Horses, Don't They? from sleep deprivation, but Ursula of course pulls it off. She's looking more Matronly Ursula Andress than ever, and that is meant as a supreme compliment.

Anonymous said...

Omigosh! The lady in Pic 22/23 is frightening.

Most of the photos look like they were taken in a fun mirror at the state fair. Everyone is squashed!

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

Her hair does look fantastic.

Dean Booth said...

Glanz = Glands?

samael7 said...

Holy Amazeballs! This makes my day! Her hair does look great -- so much softer than we're used to seeing. And Ms. Plassnik's letting more than her hair down: we're seeing a little décolletage, which I don't remember seeing, ever.

And this is one of my favorite Ponyisms ever: "the fun-sized Auntie Mame of Austrian diplomacy." OMG, yes, circa when Patrick brought home that dreadful Aryan from Darien and Mame's interior design was by fictitious Danish designer "Yul Ulu." (She was wearing a green number that I loved, but Ursula's outfit could easily have been lifted from the same era, I think).

Frank said...

No wonder Europe has gone to pot since Ursula left the scene! She'd dazzle those damn Germans and Greeks into settling all this nonsense with the power of her scarves and patterns.

Anonymous said...

OMG I just re-read your Anti-Condi blog from several years ago (I have it saved on my computer to lift me up when I'm low low low) and now this! The Goddess Ursula looking as amazing as ever! Thanks Princess Sparkle Pony!

Karen Zipdrive said...

She has now officially replaced the recently married Annie Lennox as my dream girl fantasy.
I'd like to bite that dress off of her.

Yes, I said it.