Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is Jennifer Rubin Unconciously Willing A Hurricane To Hit The Republican Convention?

Oh, people, don't think even for a moment that I've forgotten Jen! She's been super-hilarious lately, with post after post after post about how great Mitt 'n' Paul are, how well they're doing, how Obama hates Israel, loves Iran, etc., etc. I haven't been writing about her, though, because Pony Pal™ Alex over at Salon has been doing such a superb job of it, I suspect he may be more in love with her than I am! Is that possible?

But here's something eerie and fun: I'm sure you've heard how it's quite possible that a hurricane is on its way to Tampa to join in the festivities of the GOP convention, right? I believe that Jennifer Rubin is inadvertently, subliminally willing it to happen! Wait, hear me out! Here's Jen's latest post, about how Mitt 'n' Paul are, you know, so great and doing so well and everything. Let me put a few words and phrases in boldface and you'll see what I mean:

It is not hard to see that something is happening in the presidential race. Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) are drawing huge crowds. Romney has a money advantage (another reflection of grass-roots enthusiasm). And a series of state polls in New Hampshire, New Hampshire and Michigan suggest the Romney-Ryan ticket is on the rise. Inside the Romney-Ryan camp, there is cautious optimism that the tide is building as Republicans head into their convention. At the very least, the campaign has weathered the most treacherous time, when President Obama enjoyed a huge spending advantage
If the public polls and the Romney-Ryan camp’s temperature reading are correct, what accounts for the uptick? With the caveat that this is what may be happening now and is not indicative of where the race may wind up, it’s fair to assume that several factors are at play.

Jen! What are you doing? Is it because the storm's name is Isaac?

UPDATE: Pony Pal™ Pareene responds, "Her excitement leading up to Tampa is definitely going to lead to her unleashing latent weather-controlling telekinetic abilities. I would put money on it."


Diane Griffin said...

I think it would be cool, in a way, if a hurricane hit the RNC. (Who would Pat Robertson blame for that?) Maybe I should be reading that blog.

Civic Center said...

This is too good. And is the storm really named Isaac? Double goodness.

samael7 said...

I'd love to believe that the eye of a Hurricane hitting Tampa would take the wind (heh) out of the tendency for the magical-thinking-inclined to blame natural events on anyone they don't approve of.

But it probably won't, or not for very long. And despite how hilarious it would be from that standpoint, I'd be sad if a major hurricane hit a city I quite like, filled with lots of non-Republicans and several dear friends of mine.

So, I'm afraid I have to part ways with Jen-Jen on this one. Though I might be persuaded with regards to a very small, targetted direct meteor strike with no actual loss of life.

Peteykins said...

If the hurricane does spoil things, the evangelists will simply blame the presence of moderates and demonstrators.

Toriko said...

If the hurricane doesn't come, its because they prayed really hard. If the hurricane does come but there is little to no damage, prayer again.

samael7 said...

Magical thinking is amazingly resilient, isn't it. Sigh.