Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Weekly Standard Isn't Quite Done With Its Condi Veep Rumors Yet

See, people are so accustomed to Condi Veep Rumors that nobody paid much attention to Bill Kristol's recent attempt to "ship" (as all the fangirls say) Romnoleezza (Condomittney?) '12 to the masses.

Well, Kristol underling Daniel Halper at the WS aims to please, so OMG, you guys! He just got an email from Condi! Oh wait, it's just junk mail from some "Elect Republican Ladies" PAC to which Condi lent her name.

But no! Wait again! Condi, by involving herself in this PAC, is expressing her desire to be involved in this election!

Therefore: Romney-Rice 2012.

Quod erat demonstrandum. Yay!

But, uh-oh, here's John McCormack, also in the Weekly Standard, throwing cold water on the idea by reminding everybody that Condi is "mildly pro-choice." Terrors!

So anyway, this has been your Condi Veep Rumors™ roundup. Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Condi can take the cure at one of those severely conservative spas.

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right! I'm sure if the evangelicals can cure gayness, they can cure a woman's desire to remove a bundle of cells before it grows up to be a rapist and we have to kill it in a prison in Texas

Matty Boy said...

Creating the right single word nickname is tough with this pair. MittDoLeeza would be in the right order, but the easiest to say would be CondiMitt!

Personally, a little brown mustard and a good hot sauce are my favorites.

JPinetone said...

I am trying to not get too excited but it would be nice to see more of her around PSP Photo Blog again.

Prof. Hubbard said...

The rumor mill heated up tonight trying to counter the story that Romney was at Bain for three more years when they pledged allegiance to Satan.