Tuesday, April 03, 2012

PSP Crush Benefits From GSA Scandal

Six years ago (!!) I enthused over DC newcomer Dan Tangherlini when he became head of the District's beleaguered Metro system. I didn't enthuse over him because I thought he'd fix all of Metro's problems; no, I gushed because he was adorable. So, so adorable. Plus: smart, because he quickly wised-up and left Metro when the mayor's office beckoned.

And now? I'm sure you've been reading about the shake-up at GSA, what with the spending and the parties and the clowns and the GSA chief quitting in disgrace. All of us who work for the federal government are shocked that anything inefficient could happen at the GSA! Shocked!

So anyway, guess who the new GSA chief is? It's Dan! And he's maybe even more adorable now than ever:

And that's all I wanted to say. The end.

EDIT: Ha ha, it looks like Rick Santorum is staring up at Dan. He's jealous!


Anonymous said...

No 'maybe' about it; he IS more adorable than ever!

The Cat's Meow said...

We are sure that Rick Santorum is staring up at Dan. Isn't that the root of all of Rick Santorum's problems? And why does he have to make those OUR problems?

Frank said...


MrsTarquinBiscuitbarrel said...

He IS adorable. I love PSP's fine taste in men.

Rick Santorum, eat your heart out!

Comrade Physioprof said...

Dan certainly is handsome! And his scruffy beard is very manly!