Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bookshelf: Macrocephalic Off-Model Nancy Paper Doll, Whitman Publishing, 1971

Click all for bigger.

This cheap, poorly drawn paper doll book measures about 15.5" x 7.25", so it's pretty big, all the better to frighten you with a totally psychotic looking Nancy, her giant head looming, ready to crush you. Oh, what a travesty.

I'd like to say that Ernie Bushmiller had nothing to do whatsoever with this awful publication, but Pony Pal™ Mark confirmed that he saw a copy of it in Bushmiller's studio after he died, so even if he obviously didn't draw it himself, he at least signed off on it. Tsk. And this was in 1971, when he was still making great, great strips!

So it's with great sorrow that I present the terrible outfits designed to bring Nancy "up to date" to the swinging early 1970s. First, below on the right is Nancy's "classic" outfit, but it quickly goes off the rails thereafter:

The incidental drawings are beyond bad. Next, below left, I guess they're trying to borrow a little mojo from hot newcomer Holly Hobbie and the top left outfit almost seems to anticipate Strawberry Shortcake:

Yeah, well, you look funny, too, Nancy. Below, garish fun in the sun or snow, as well as a psychedelic version of her regular outfit:

There wasn't a ton of licensed Nancy and Sluggo merchandise, and most of it is pretty bad. What's especially sad about this one is that Bushmiller was so good at depicting fashions and costumes, really one of the best ever in the history of comics, and it would have been possible to cobble together an amazing paper doll set using original Bushmiller drawings.

Poor Nancy, all dressed up and no place to go without being mortally embarrassed.




Anonymous said...

I feel funny!

dianegsocialist said...

omg, the pajamas! I wouldn't be able to sleep, even in complete darkness!

Lulu Maude said...

She looks like an anime version of herself.

samael7 said...

Lulu Maude, yes. I was just thinking she looked like some kind of bad rip-off of herself. Just . . . off.

But of that particular kind of off when someone who has never seen a Sunday comic tries to draw an icon of the "Funnies" from a description that has been translated through at least three very different languages.