Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You Don't Have To Be A Genius At Wheel Of Fortune To Figure Out What Mediaite's Headline Is Trying To Say

Wait, called him a what? Flicking Arthole? If it said "F*cking A**hole," I'd totally get it, but that extra asterisk is confounding me.

This kind of cutesy censorship has become one of my pet peeves. It's one thing to delete expletives completely, but when you do that lame partial censorship, like saying "sh*t" or "c*nt" or, worst of all, "the f-word" or "the n-word," it drives me up the wall.  It's a completely hypocritical way to exploit vulgarity while pretending to be above it all. Who, exactly, is Mediaite trying not-very-hard to protect? All the toddlers who read their site?


Fran said...

I would have much rather seen the headline that said N*wt G*ngr*ch, but hey, that's just me.

samael7 said...

Ha ha! Fran just won the trip to Alcapulco for that one!

Peteykins, I'd swear there was some sort of "Devil's Dictionary" entry for that sort of censorship. Something along the lines of "What writers do to protect the delicate sensibilities of the people who make those comments in the first place."