Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Audioblogging: Peteykins College Radio Show, 1985

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When I was at UC San Diego, I worked at KSDT, the college radio station absolutely nobody ever listened to, ever. My show was called Radio Exotica, and I generally played interesting new releases mixed with what was then obscure easy listening (Martin Denny, Les Baxter, etc.), industrial noise, dated children's records, spoken word oddities, etc.

Sometimes I would get inspired and rather than simply playing records, I would throw together "mega-mixes" with up to four or five sound sources all playing simultaneously.

This one, a 40-minute mega-mix called "One Left" (because those are the first words you hear on it), is the only one I managed to save for posterity, and was broadcast on February 16, 1985. It includes tape loops, lock grooves, sound effect albums, cassette tapes, ethnographic recordings, selections from Chaino's Jungle Echoes LP, nursery rhymes, Lenny Dee on the organ, a guide to the Catholic Mass, Jack van Impe ranting about Communism, and, somewhere in there, an actual song, a dub version of "Confusion" by New Order. I split it into four parts because you'll probably never want to listen to the first two longer and noisier parts ever again, and because the shorter third and fourth parts are hypnotic and very listenable. The fourth part also features a very beautiful melody played on an ancient computer by Pony Pal™ Joe Humble.

So anyway, if you can get through the first five minutes, you'll probably enjoy the whole thing. You can retrieve the zipped up 52mb archive with fake cover art (see above – I tried to imitate my 1985 design sensibilities) here.


Jim said...

That was bizarre, but interesting. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Yay, more music for my Peteykins folder! Thanks!