Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Quickie: Weinergate Overdose

How many posts has Mediaite devoted at least in part to Weinergate just this week? 52. Fifty two! So far. And it's early Wednesday morning.

RELATED: Oh, jeez, here's Richard Cohen, again, being righteously indignant and sticking up for an adulterer, again:

Another Christian has been thrown to the lions. The “Christian” in this case is a Jew, and the lions are the news media but the general idea is the same.

Still a little sensitive about sexy issues, Richard?


sleepy in saudi said...

Tell me about it. Every time the news comes on I have to change the channel so my 11 year old isn't bombarded with those damn pictures. We have a war in Afganistan,a war in Iraq, but BREAKING NEWS---more pictures of Congressman Weiners UNDERPANTS!
On the other hand, Caribou Barbie is going to have to up her ante if she wants to get noticed for the next few news cycles. I wonder what she will do next?(I know I shouldn't)

blacky said...

First, Cohen can't seem to make up his mind; first, Weiner is being thrown to the lions, then declares Weiner a creep and liar. Which is it Richard?

Second: Cohen needs to get a brain; since when has the press Not picked on politicians who let their "other head" do the thinking? Its at least as old as the Gary Hart incident from the '80's! So that works out to about 20 some years of the press going after male politicians that show very poor judgment. Its human nature to look up to and to Want to look up to leaders, and goes hand in hand with expecting sterling public behavior. Its part of what sets them apart, the appearance of being higher than others, and has been a characteristic of human nature as long as there have been leaders and the led.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Christians? Jews? Lions?

Maybe Cohen meant to type "loins"!

Lulu Maude said...

I get the feeling that R. Cohen never re-reads his column drafts, Blacky.

If I were Cohen, I wouldn't, either.

Cranky Old Batt said...

If Weiner ever sent me a sext, I would probably hurl. That guy is icky looking.

You know what this makes me wonder? What happened to Charlie Sheen and why isn't Mr. Adonis DNA weighing in on this? Isn't he a self professed expert at doing stupid stuff like this?

samael7 said...

Wow, that metaphor's RichardCohen factor is enormous.

"It's just like the Christians and the lions, only the Christian is a Jew, and the Lions are the media, and the media is a female dog, and the Jew is a congressman, and congress is like an old lady with the vapors, and the lion sleeps tonight. JUST LIKE. But you get the general idea."

Anonymous said...

hmmm, is typing dirty talk to a stranger really "adultery"? or is it the Jimmy Carter 'sinning in my heart' sort of violation.....