Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ugly Tour Bus Photoblogging: Making Waves

Click either for bigger.

A rare appearance by a real human being (other than my own reflection on occasion) in one of my tour bus photos! I feel kind of bad, because when I was getting ready to take the shot, he was facing away, but then turned his head just as I was snapping the shot. Is it unethical for me to post it here? I honestly don't know.


sfmike said...

Not even remotely unethical. He looks good and he's doing a job. I'd be proud to be featured as a hardworking ugly tour bus mechanic dude on your NOT GAY blog.

RandyH said...

Oh Princess, fair princess-

Over at TBogg's place, he wrote a fun little post about Calista, the trophy wife and one of his commenters came up with this Photoshopped Calista image.

I thought the PonyPals would enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

He is in public. Photos are fair game

frigg said...

Methinks it's kinda poor form. Dude's just trying to do his job. No one has to see him; this ain't no Wonkette post, Princess. That hi-res image will somehow end up on Fark, and he shouldn't have to confront that. Just my li'l bit of 2 cents.

sfmike said...

The picture's fine, he looks good, nobody is being belittled.