Monday, April 11, 2011

Condi Makes Unexpected/Ironic Appearance In Article About Cultural Diplomacy

(Photo: European Voice)

You never know where Condi will pop up! European Voice has an interesting article about Raka Singh of the Centre for Fine Arts in Brussels and her admirable efforts to combine art and diplomacy. What's hilarious about the article is the photo they use of Singh, seen above, grinning while posing next to our favorite Condiportrait*, Luc Tuymans' 2005 "The Secretary of State" from the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NY. The image is rich with irony, since Singh had to call on her brand of cultural diplomacy to smooth over relations with the United States after Belgium's "universal competence" law appeared to target George Bush's band of merry criminals. It's also ironic because Condi's own efforts at cultural diplomacy were either inane (sending washed-up sports stars to countries who never heard of them) or downright disastrous (Karen "Kick Ass" Hughes' infamous "insult the Middle East" tour).

Unfortunately, the article also shows how frustrating it can be when photographs aren't captioned, sourced or explained. When/where was this photo taken? The painting isn't currently on display at MOMA. Has Ms. Singh been saving this picture for a special occasion ("I've got JUST the photo for your article!")?

In any event, two sparkly hooves way up for Ms. Singh, and also to our most distinguished Pony Pal™, Georgetown University's John Brown, for the great catch!

*OK, maybe our second favorite Condiportrait.

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samael7 said...

I'd forgotten about the awesome velvet one.

Possibly my favorite, er, depiction is the picture some enterprising photographer got of Condi as seen through a camera monitor. I think he really captured something of the "inner her" in that shot.

Condi Coture was pretty great too.