Monday, March 07, 2011

UPDATE: Bad T-Shirt Designers Still Following Bad PSP Bad T-Shirt Design Tutorial

Ha ha, OK, so Pony Pal™ Joemygod posted this hilarious thing from the YouTubes about this sad young waif who claims he used to be a hairdresser but now... now still looks pretty much like a hairdresser to me.

But! That's not what caught my eye! What I appreciated most was that the forlorn "ex-gay" was wearing a horrible shirt which appears to follow the famous PSP Bad T-Shirt Tutorial to... well, to a T.

How exactly? Let's see: mandatory wings? Check. I deigned the skull to be optional, so check there, too (although there's probably a skull hidden somewhere in that mess). Rococo design elements? Yes, in the background. More random crap in the background? Not only yes, but it's old-fashioned writing, just as I suggested.

My only quibble is that the winged design really should be placed asymmetrically. Still though, all-in-all, I'll give it a solid A- for following every step of the bad design tutorial almost perfectly.


Dr. Monkey said...

If that dude is ex gay, I'm an ex human.

Anonymous said...

Captain Beefhearts lost gay cousin after too many drugs!

Matty Boy said...

I'm currently working at an art school in San Francisco, helping Goldman Sachs separate young, hopeful artistic people from their cash, hard earned and otherwise. (No, I'm not proud, but I do have positive cash flow, a rare enough occurrence for me.) I cannot count the number of times in a day I have to think to myself, "Is that symmetric? No. Are wings optional? Also no."

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that these once "sinful and prideful" people are compelled to dramatize their conversions on line and in this case, wear the least humbling outfit and hair-do a penitent could possibly humble themselves with. What happened to brown scratchy robes and tonsures? Those were the days! I also missed where the not appropriate for children part happened. Last, but not least, he went from Catholicism to Evangelicalism and seemed to think his new religion doesn't demand as much from him as the one he was born into? I think one of his parents dropped him on his head when he was an infant.
P.S. Princess Sparkle Pony, you are an un-sung hero of internet humor and insight into the B.S. of our society. Thanks for what you do.