Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Real Food: Carvel Delivery Truck

Click for larger, quite a bit worser.

One of these days, when I have enough photos in the "Real Food" series, I'm going to compile them into a book and OMG, it will be the worst photography book EVER. I can't wait.


smapdi said...

Sadly, the child died of a blocked colon after losing the ability to tell the difference between plastic and food.

Major Mel Funkshun said...

Growing up in Baltimore, I remember the Carvel Ice commercials and the very creepy voice-over to "please come to your neighborhood Carvel Ice cream store" I recently met a guy from philly who said he worked for Carvel and had met Tom Carvel. His words "Total Pedophile" made perfect sense.

samael7 said...

I have very fond memories of Carvel cakes in Miami. To my young palate, there was no such thing as some other kind of ice cream cake. My poor mother tried to make her own one year, and other years occasionally saw substitutes, but they always failed.

And that is because the imitations never had the "chocolate" "cookie" "crumbs" separating the vanilla from the chocolate ice cream sides; nor the unique and distinct flavor of their colored, neon-gel "icing" (the "Happ" part of "Happy" you see before you).

I remember taking a summer camp field trip to a Carvel in which they dared let us in the back and in the walk-ins. Magic to my 6-year-old eyes.

When you say "the worst photography book EVER," is it because you think your photography is bad (it isn't) or that the subject matter is horrendous?

Because although I think you have found a niche that James Lileks (poor excitable soul that he is) isn't filling, his treasures are pretty horrifying themselves.

Except for the ant-relish. That's sublimely gag-inducing.

samael7 said...

And it occurrs to me: his items are scanned from real recipe/suggestion books, rather than original photography like yours. Yours is more "artistic" rather than "curated," then.

Maddiane said...

The weird lo-fi thing is really to my taste visually. I would want a copy of this book, and also one for the ugly tour bus photos you take.

Peteykins said...

Thanks, Mad Diane!

Samael, unlike the Tour Bus series, the "Real Food" series really is supposed to be all about terrible photography, so I'm not just being humble or self deprecating. When I shoot a bus, I try to make the photo as good as possible, but I do the opposite with the food shots. In this case, I saw the truck, and knew it would make a great bad photo, but was sad that I didn't have my good camera with me. Then I realized, duh, that I had my iPhone, so I had the perfect conditions where "quality" was taken out of my hands completely. In fact, from now on I plan to ONLY use the phone for the food shots for maximum horribleness.

samael7 said...

I didn't realize you were going for maximum horribleness with the Real Food, down to the level of your photography. I'd assumed, to date, that you just lived near a whole lot of awful, blurry and/or uneven signs, or that the general quality level of visual marketing was much worse close up than I'd originally assumed.

I figured something was really wrong with the DC metro area. I'm not sure that's invalidated by this revelation, but now I want a Carvel cake anyway. Fudgie the Whale 4-EVAR!