Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Palin News Abhors A Vacuum

God, it is so much fun writing about Sarah Palin! Everybody has new and fresh insights about the Mama Grizzly. I am right now, this very second, writing a sentence about Sarah Palin! And now I'm writing another sentence about Sarah Palin! Have you heard of this woman? No? She's from Alaska, and she... well, wait, no. Why don't you go and read this stunningly pointless Associated Press "the story so far" article, just posted minutes ago, and catch up. It turns out she's pretty interesting! Why aren't more people hopping on the bandwagon and writing about this Sarah Palin lady?


Matty Boy said...

The AP article acts like there was no context for her "Don't retreat, reload!" comment.

She wrote that in response to Dr. Laura getting into hot water for saying the N-word eleven times in four minutes on a nationally syndicated radio show.

If no pundit will say it, I will. She can make money, she can't win elections. She might be able to win a straw poll, but even that takes a real organization, and that isn't her strong suit. In one of the weakest fields for either party in over a generation, she's a complete no-hoper.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the dems are only slightly less batshit...We should Egypt the Senate.

Aunt Snow said...