Sunday, January 02, 2011

Quickie: Happy Ending?

From the Associated Press's report on congressional Republicans' agenda for the new year:

The incoming House Ways and Means Committee chairman, Rep. Dave Camp of Michigan, favors overhauling tax laws. So does Obama.

"The tax code is longer than the Bible, but without the happy ending," Camp has said.

The "happy ending" of the Bible: the Apocalypse.


Matty Boy said...


The Bible is much longer than Euclid's Elements.

The slight advantage is that once you accept the axioms, the Elements are 100% true, but I guess that is just a mathematical quibble.

samael7 said...

He must read the Bible while taking a massage by an especially talented and . . . accommodating masseuse/seur.

Long Time Reader, First Time Commenter said...

I'm from Michigan, and you don't really have to listen to Dave Camp. We just let him be representative because we thought that if we gave him what he wanted, he would stop bothering us with Bible related comparisons.

But apparently that didn't work so well. Sorry.