Saturday, December 11, 2010

Reprint: Interview With Dan Clowes, 1994

I published this interview* with cartoonist Dan Clowes in Hypno magazine in 1994. Clowes, at this point, was between issues #12 and #13 of Eightball, and had just begun the "Ghost World" series which would be made into a movie seven years later. What's really interesting here is how foggy his conception is of how Ghost World would develop. Other topics of conversation include the weirdness of Harvey and Whitman Comics,  the use of sweat drops in cartoons, his earlier series "Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron," and, prophetically, whether or not he could see himself writing for live action film ("Possibly.").

Click each for the larger, readable scan:

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*Is anybody interested in more of these? Because there are plenty: Jim Woodring, Diane Noomin, Charles Burns, Mark Beyer, and a mammoth, lonnnnng interview with Patrick "Mutts" McDonnell conducted for The Comics Journal.


Comrade PhysioProf said...

1994 was motherfucnen awesome! Can ewe go backew?

Maddiane said...

I like the fantagraphics sort of comic book people. Dan Clowes, Hernandezzes, and others. Jim Woodring is awesome!

(by which I mean, uh, yeah, post 'em!

z7q2 said...

Jim Woodring? Do it! Actually with that kind of material you could guest-blog on BoingBoing.

samael7 said...

Interest? Possibly taxable levels, yes!

desertwind said...

Yes, please.

Ann GM said...

Yes, yes, more please! z7 is right about boing boing!