Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Condibook Not Notable

This is sad: Condi's autohagiography is not included in the NY Times' "100 Notable Books of 2010" thingy. So hurtful! The list contains books about Willie Mays and Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron and Micky Mantle, Barack Obama, Teddy Roosevelt... even Franklin Roosevelt (two books)! What do they have that Condi doesn't have?

Of course, they also left George Bush's book off the list. And Sarah Palin's. And... wait, did Dick Cheney write a book? Haw, just kidding.

My point is that it's listicle time again. Sigh.


davedave said...


Hahaha! This should top the list for best new words of 2010!

Anonymous said...

Another book about Obama...

Anonymous said...

Obama doesn't deserve to be assassinated-that would immortalize him as JFK and elevate his family's status and make them them eligible for any office they sought.

Obama doesn't deserve to be forced to resign or impeached-it would give him ungained notoriety; a badass persona as it did with Nixon and make him the subject of endless jokes as it did with Clinton.

Obama doesn't deserve that kind of legacy.

Lets send Obama back to obscurity so that he has to audtiion for American Idol to get his career back.