Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vendor Cart Hot Dog Photoblogging: Triple Threat

Click for bigger!

This one is a real beauty. More painterly than most, I like the peculiar repetition of the hot dogs, the pentimenti, the way the forms overlap the text* and vice-versa. I love how the mustard and relish (always so challenging!) looks like wayward, ravenous caterpillars.

The rendering of the snow-cone is very exciting! When I started this series of photographs, I seriously considered concentrating on the many and varied snow-cone depictions rather than the hot dogs. Hot dogs are just better, though, obv.

*I wonder what word "ejel" (top right) is part of?


sfmike said...

Why can't we have both hot dogs AND snow-cones? the Gemini asked. And great use of obv.

Mr Bad Trash said...

I'm guessing "ejel" is part of a phonetic misspelling of "pretzel." The J could even be a stylized T. Depends on the mother tongue and education level of the vendor/painter.

HRH King Friday XIII, Ret. said...

All I see are penises.

drew in sf said...

The J is probably meant to be a Čš

In other news, has anyone else ever wondered why rocket pops have the reservoir tip-like structure? They have always looked a little dirty to me, in a safe-sex sort of way.

samael7 said...

The snowcone looks really good.

The Frankenrelish looks like bananna slugs. Ugh.

Hot Dog Cart Business said...

The snow cone is obviously nicely done. The hot dogs are fine and the pretzel is good too. I'm just wondering what ejel means.