Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kremlin Kid Kamp Features Nazi Condi's Head On A Stick

Two sparkly hooves way up to one of our most distinguished Pony Pals™,  Georgetown professor John H. Brown, for sending along this absolutely bizarre and frightening tale about a weird Soviet-style youth camp in central Russia put on by the not-at-all sinister sounding Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. Take a look at the blog linked under the photo, above, and try to figure out what on earth is going on at this place. So bizarre! There are people dressed as angry pigs, giant pictures of Putin, photos of politicians juxtaposed with noodles (?!), huge letters made out of mirrors, fiberglass cows... I mean, and you thought the Tea Party was provocative!

But anyway, there's Condi's face, plastered on a mannequin head wearing a Nazi helmet and mounted on a stick, a treatment similarly afforded to Hilary Clinton and those evil fascists, the European Court for Human Rights. Why hasn't this caught on over here? Haw, give it time. It's only September.


Fran said...

You may have just launched the trend!

Neige said...

Hello! I'm so sorry to put this comment here, but I didn't find an email contact.
So, this a message from France to thank you for your MEAT PUPPETS bootlegs !
Incredible fan work, that's HUGE !!!
You kill !
Thanx again, see you!

Peteykins said...

I'm very happy you like them, Neige.

stuffisthings said...

It's funny how incredibly petty and sad modern Russian paranoia is (according to the sign, their main reason for labeling Condi a Nazi is that she implied Russia may have been the aggressor in that war with Georgia that everyone else on Earth has forgotten about). In this way, they may have far more in common with the US than they realize!

Also, if Google translate is to be believed that Finnish "anti-fascist" blogger attended and LOVED the camp, which is just... weird.

Philip said...

The Tea Party sounds pretty reasonable compared to the Tupperware Party.