Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Prescott, Arizona Politics Get More Surreal

PSP Prescott correspondent "J" sent the above picture. J explains (?):

One of the council members was out today so they put a scarecrow in her council chair, nothing like professionalism and class.

It's nice to see that the straw councilwoman was provided with an armed police escort to protect her from any possible outrage prompted by her controversial views.

And on the right, wearing a foul Hawaiian shirt*, is everybody's favorite mural-hating bigot, Steve Blair. Blair, you'll recall, was fired from his radio host job. Now, however, the same station who fired him, perhaps aware the story had faded a mere two weeks later, has rehired him, making one wonder why they bothered to fire him in the first place.

*Some people, especially East Coasters, will find this surprising, but there's a long tradition in Arizona of politicians dressing casually on the job. When I was growing up in Tucson, I remember our longtime mayor, Lew Murphy (I attended his daughter's shotgun wedding!), almost always wore a  Guayabera shirt in public. In fact, thanks to the magic of the youtubes, you can see him wearing one here.


Jason Zenobia said...

I just hate it when she goes on and on about Scarecrow Equality.

If it's not crows or straw, it's all about the damn wheat harvest!

I just want to whip out my Bic lighter and be done with her.

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Nothing like pushing the TWIT card. So that's what a Guayabera shirt looks like.

Twits must be very well organized in AZ. Most of the twits I know are undocumented.

Perhaps a state-wide effort on twits for the next big initiative??

Peteykins said...

TWIT was (is?) a public access cable program. I can't remember what the acronym means. One of my bands was on TWIT once!

Madduane said...

I remember that guy.

Anonymous said...

Previously, the doll sitting to Blair's right was Lester (of "Willie Tyler and Lester"), however Blair had him removed from the building.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Tammy Linn sounds like the name of a really bad drag queen who does country music exclusively.
As for the jowly guy in the Hawaiian shirt, I'm wondering why he didn't migrate to Texas. He certainly would blend in with the goood old boys.