Monday, June 21, 2010

CNN Catches Up With 2007

(Screenshot from CNN)

Pssst! Hey, CNN? Everybody who wants to do this already knows how.


drew in sf said...

I vow every two weeks or so that I will never ever look at again, but then I realize I don't know of any better place to catch headlines in 2 minutes. Of course half their headlines are news about syphilitic celebretrices and insipid culture/medicine/missing-white-wimmins/behind-the-scenes bullcack, like your screencap.

Any suggestions on where to run down the top 20 headlines in list format like does it, but with less chance of acquiring spongiform encephalitis? PS, politically-tainted sites like HuffPoo and Politicock won't do. Thanks.

Peteykins said...

I usually get a lot more out of Google News is a bit of a mess to me.