Sunday, May 30, 2010

Teabaggers Throw Pro Immigration Law Rally In Arizona

(Photo: Arizona Republic)

Yes, yes, the Tea Partiers™ gathered in Tempe to rally in favor of the new anti-brown-people laws in Arizona and blah, blah, blah, and Joe Arpaio was there, etc., etc. These people are predictable now, and the novelty is wearing thin.

How predictable? When I saw that the Arizona Republic had a slide show of the event, I immediately checked it for "teabonics," that persistent lack of grammatical and spelling skills so constantly exhibited by the beleaguered white protesters, and, well, the result is above.

It's awesome that we can count on all these people to be positive and cooperative when immigration reform legislation is tackled by Congress.  Haw.


Jason Zenobia said...

They're desperate to make bad English America's official language.

Will they triumph?

Matty Boy said...

The only other ungrammatical sign in the slideshow I saw was "Arizona Thanks for your support" written in several different fonts on the same sign.

As a teacher, I make cut and paste mistakes on tests sometimes. It's very embarrassing.

Fran said...


My day is made! Your the best and when I say your, I mean your! (I hope that I don't sound like a moran!)

Aunt Snow said...

Oh, man. Arm flab. Ew.

Karen Zipdrive said...

"Your not welcome and also to you need to lerne to speak english rightly."

Making fun of teabaggers is like shooting fish in a barrel. Or is that monkeys in a barrel? I forget.