Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random: My 10 Favorite Shocking Blue Songs, In Order

10. Poor Boy
9. Hello Darkness
8. Oh Lord
7. Boll Weevil
6. Love Buzz
5. Acka Raga
4. Let Me Carry Your Bag
3. Inkpot
2. Rock in the Sea
1. The Butterfly and I

Incredible guitar playing, fabulous production, bizarre lyrics* which often make no sense sung by people who obviously don't speak English... what's not to love? Oh, sure, I like "Venus" too, but that's only the tip of a wonderful iceberg. Get into the Shocking Blue! RIP Mariska.

*A sample:

Put some love in your heart
Like you put the ink in the inkpot.
Learn it and you will enjoy it baby
To put the ink in the inkpot.
Shoo-bee-doo-wa, shoo-bee-doo-wa.
Shoo-bee-doo-wa, shoo-bee-doo-wa.

You can play with everything,
But you cannot play with your heart.
Foolin' around makes it mean
And then (wop!) I'm feeling that we'll be apart.

I'll say!

UPDATE - Tons of sensational videos here.

UPDATE - I asked a Dutch coworker this morning if perhaps the lyrics to "inkpot" were in reference to a Dutch proverb or pun which simply doesn't translate successfully into English. In a way I was disappointed when he told me that it doesn't, but in another way it makes me like it even more.


Madduane said...

I've not checked into this band, though based on the big hit single, I always figured it would be really odd if that was their only good song. Based on your recommendation, I will dig in further.

mollyrogers said...

I've got their 45 from 1969 "Long And Lonesome Road" / "Fireball Of Love". Great stuff.

Peteykins said...

Those are great too, Molly!

Padre Mickey said...

Hey, you forgot "Send Me A Postcard." It was psychedellic, baby!

Peteykins said...

I didn't forget it; it just isn't in my top ten.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that other song of theirs, "Picking Tomatoes" a song you can, well, pick tomatoes to.