Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Laura Bush Jumps On Annoying Bandwagon

PSP flashback to October 22, 2007 (AP Photo)

Oh, everybody is so happy that Laura Bush is all, like, let the hairdressers marry each other. Just like Cindy McCain, she waited until her opinion wouldn't matter, cause any problems for her husband, or make any kind of difference. Thanks, Laura, you're a peach. How brave you are and we're all so thankful. What fucking ever.


jterry said...

Exactly. You're always right, PSP.

sfmike said...

God, was it less than three years ago that we were in that alternate reality? That PSP foto flashback is a bit like those apocryphal LSD flashbacks that come out of nowhere and bring the horror all back.

And if I needed any further proof that gay marriage is a tired old cause, this it.

Karen Zipdrive said...

How ironic that the sight of Laura Bush makes me want to blow the nearest dude.

Frank said...

With all the pills that woman takes (my mother last night upon seeing her on the news for somethingorother: "She still looks like she's on Valium!") she probably just figured out it WASN'T 2007.

Jason Zenobia said...

"It's important that we stand up and be heard... when no one is listening."

Yet another unemployed republican stakes out bold political ground to the left of President Obama.


samael7 said...

"The Last Acceptible Bigotry" is an essay/rant I'll never write that pretty much lays it out there: that even though a multitude of people may personally harbor (and act upon) prejudice in one form or another (be it racial, gender, or religious), the bulk of polite world society comes down like a bag of hammers on any full-throated defense of same, especially in politics.

But Teh Gay? Not so much. Hence "closet tolerants," which is kinda sad.

I don't want to turn these "newly out" allies away, but I have to point out that courage that doesn't really risk anything isn't that courageous, especially if you had the chance to do anything about it before, when it would have been risky and could have made a difference. But, y'know, thanks. Really. Here's a cookie.

Cookies are nice.

Juliana-Chairwoman said...

Translation.. I need to sell more books and this is the most interesting thing in it. Apart from when W choked on a pretzel.

Go away stupid lady.. now.