Friday, May 21, 2010

Here's Your Condibook Cover

Yes, Condi! There have been faint stirrings in the Condisphere lately. Nothing very exciting, but hey, what else is new? First up, here is the cover, finally, of her upcoming book:

Bad design! There's just no other way to say it. First, what is that pointless curlicue in the upper right? I'll tell you what it is: graphic designer's dandruff, basically. I also dislike the awkward centering of the text on her father. Really, this design is a flabby mess. Also: it looks like it's going to be upstaged at next week's big book expo by Barbra Steisand's book about how she decorated her houses. Don't worry, Condi, you'll get on Oprah, your book will sell tons of copies and people will even read some of them!

Next! Yesterday, Dr. Ferragamo appeared at some fundraiser for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Alabama, a hometown thing. It was cute because they had junior reporters ask Condi some questions, and just like all reporters since the dawn of time, she replied with trite platitudes ("You have to have a belief there's no limit to what you can do.") and non-answers. Welcome to political journalism, kids!

Some time recently, too, Condi lent a hand recruiting football players for Stanford. Here's a frustrating quote from the article:

Nevertheless, there stood Dr. Condoleezza Rice, speaking to a group of Stanford recruits, tying in the threat of Iran with the decision to come to the Farm, all in the space of one sentence.

I'd like to hear that sentence where she ties the threat of Iran with the decision to "come to the farm," but too bad, because they don't report how, exactly, she did so. Oh well. Good reporting, ESPN!

The article goes on and on, but it's pretty boring. And that, Pony Pals™, I'm sorry to say, is the state of the Condisphere.


Matty Boy said...

The sales of books, especially right wing books, are a very unpredictable and sleazy business, but I'm guessing that the number of copies moved by Laura, Condi and George W. combined will be hard pressed to add up to the sales from Sarah Palin's book.

They had their time in the sun and the world is trying hard to forget it.

Bartman said...

The edges of your copy are somewhat ragged. Does it also have "foxing"?

Peteykins said...

Yes, it appears to be another cutesy graphic designer motif, the distressed edge. What a mess.

Christopher said...

"Extraordinary, ordinary people" reminds me of Mary Tyler Moore and the "incredible, edible egg" in one single sentence. Not quite Iran to Stanford football recruiting, alas.