Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Arizona Continues Its *Successful* War Against The Mud People

Image via Slate.

Good ol' gal Jan Brewer has won another victory for the beleaguered white people of Arizona. Yesterday she signed a law banning Latino studies programs from Arizona's public schools, a move guaranteed to make people love The Grand Canyon State even more. Latino studies programs, after all, are divisive and make the Mexicans feel special, and we can't have that, now, can we? This latest salvo has nothing to do with border security or illegal immigration; it is purely concerned with making Mexicans feel less good about living in Arizona.

In other news, businesses catering to Hispanics are already seeing the negative results of the state's war against them.

It's almost as if the Republican lawmakers of Arizona are trying to make Latinos feel uncomfortable and unwelcome. It's almost as if they searching for ways to make Mexicans want to leave the state. Actually, that's exactly what they want: fewer Mexicans, legal, illegal, whatever. That is their goal and they're doing a great job! Three cheers for effectiveness! Now everybody's Fritos will be safe!

The obvious next step is "English-only" legislation (again). It's only a matter of time. Jan Brewer's pen is poised and waiting!


Matty Boy said...

Not knowing the state at all, is there a "cool place" in Arizona. To my mind, most of Texas is unremittingly awful, but I know that Austin is kind of "the cool place". Does Arizona have a similar city?

Madduane said...

That would be Tucson. Always the blue spot on the precint map of the state.

Peteykins said...

Right, Tucson and Austin are culturally almost identical.

Scott in 78748 said...


As a native of Austin, I would tend to agree with you. The only exception I would take is our music scene is better than anything I experienced in Tucson.

Tucson, on the other hand, has some pretty nice resorts that aren't that expensive. Our resorts are over-priced.

Peteykins said...

Scott, that's true. The biggest difference between Austin and Tucson is that Austin has a lot more music, while Tucson has a lot more art. They are very, very similar, though.

Christopher said...

Texas is an enigma. I'd rather shoot myself in the head than live in Austin, but then I live in Brooklyn so I might well get shot in the head.

Dallas and Houston are actually more progressive and interesting than you might think. And Ft. Worth is far away one of my favorite cities in the U.S. Trouble with Texas is it's so damn big. It overwhelms the small pockets of cool. Just like SF can't alone counteract the stupidity of the rest of California. (Or NYC the rest of New York State.)

Karen Zipdrive said...

San Antonio is pretty cool-- and thank God we fly under the radar. After all, we only have a little more than a million residents, so it's easy to let little Austin take all the bows.
P.S. Our mayor is one of the most progressive mayors in the nation and our police chief rides in the gay parade with the mayor.
Stick *that* up Austin's ass.