Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pony Pal™ Art Collection: Groovy Guitarist by Lee

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Oh, I am so very grateful to Pony Pal™ J. Frigg, who has sent in a scan of this magnificent big-eyed hipster for our enjoyment. I was aware that "Lee" painted groovy go-go pre-teens, but I don't have any examples of those myself, so I am very thankful that Mr. (Mrs.?) Frigg sent this. Lee's swingin' adolescents are more iconic, more fun than his depressing orphans. The style of the clothing and fake record covers puts this squarely in the mid-1960s.

"J" wondered if this one had a matching girl pendant, and I'm certain it did; I'm pretty sure I've seen it. I seem to recall it as showing a dancing tambourine player, her dark hair swaying. So good.

This is the style hilariously parodied for the cover of "If I Were a Carpenter," the fab Carpenters tribute album

Thanks again, J. Frigg, and I welcome any and all contributors to the celebration of big-eyed art here on PSP! Yay!


Shawn said...

Seems that nobody has taught this young man that it is wrong and discraceful to lay your LP record albums on the floor, and out of the cover? I mean for God's sakes, they will get scratched! Back in those swingin' 60s I would have been in SO much trouble had my Father caught me treating my (or his) LP collection in such a manner. Not only does it ruin the LP but it can ruin the needle on your turntable from all of that dirt (that valiumed up Mother has not yet vaccumed up with her Electrolux). Maybe that is why we only see the boy portrait here and not the girl, maybe she is on her knees picking all of these LPs up off the floor before Father catches them.

Bartman said...

Blue suede boots?

Madduane said...

Shawn -- I knew so many people who just layed their albums out of their jackets all over their bedrooms, flicked cigarette ashes on them, walked on them, ripped or cut the covers up... I kinda have your reverence for vynil, I still have my turntable set up and I still even play it once in a while, but there was a time when records were everywhere and a lot of them were trashy. KTEL! Pickwick reissues! good times.

LissaMe said...

i have one with the same background color its a girl with an acoustic guitar and a cat.. Not sure its the mateto this one but because the background color is the same it could easily be paired there is a picture online that shows the girl that I have the back says go-go by lee Id love to have the mate to this pic