Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Photoblogging: Bummer Stickers

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The state of political discourse today! I spotted this vehicle outside my work and just had to capture it, you know, for comedy. First of all, I was unaware that "illegals" don't pay taxes. I guess they have a special membership card they whip out to store clerks while insisting the sales tax be dropped from their purchases. Handy!

What really struck me, though, was the apparent intense hatred of this Elijah Cummings person, somebody I had to Google to identify. It turns out he's a congressman from Maryland. Who knew? Reading up on him, he seems like an almost exceptionally ordinary Democrat, hardly one worth getting all worked up over, but he's been on Capitol Hill since 1996 so I suppose anybody's bound to make enemies in that amount of time. I'm sure the color of his skin couldn't possibly have anything to do with why a presumably white, Southern Marylander would dislike him.

Funniest of all to me, though, is the hilarious, over-the-top ACORN bashing. What is it about this innocuous organization that just sends Republicans into such a dither? I can't help but wonder if the person who placed this sticker on his truck really, truly believes that ACORN's activities include "Child Sex Slave Trade" and "Prostituion," whatever that is. Child Sex Slave Trade! Somebody should totally do something to stop ACORN from doing this bad thing! 

Other than that, the Hawaii sticker adds a touch of grandeur. 


Anonymous said...

ACORN has been working for years to help register black people to vote ....and of COURSE when the time finally arrived that black voters actually had the power to help elect a president with African heritage -- all of a sudden the smear-campaign crowd pounced on ACORN. THere's something kinda pathetically humorous about that. Not till African-American voters were perceived by the Karl Rove-ish types of the world did ACORN get any attention at all from the Karl Rove-ish types of the world.

desertwind said...

The ACORN/prostitution/child sex trade thing is a reference to those doofy James O'Keefe/Breitbart "sting" Huggy Bear videos.

Whatever happened to The New Orleans Four, anyway? Shouldn't they've had some kinda court appearance by now?

PS I'm sort of disappointed there's no Obamacare or Chicago Machine or SEIU thug or NRA stickers.

Bartman said...

Illegals also have various taxes withheld from their pay.

Johannes der Taucher said...

Cub Scouts.

Isn't it great these people breed? (Or is the driver cruising around Washington looking for something in particular?)

- Hans (I support meaningless jingoistic cliches, on my SUV)