Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ladies! Here Are Your New Hairdos And Head Accessories

Click here to see this hairdo in motion and many more incredible vintage clips. Consider the rest of your workday totally ruined.


Anonymous said...

I am SO digging those red cat eye glasses...extended to become part of the hairstyle decor. And the one where it looked like she had two little gold party hats strapped to her head.... still laughing. But I've got great ideas for Halloween now.

samael7 said...


(clicks on raincoat preview)




Matty Boy said...

When I saw the picture, I prayed there would be an orchestra playing as the models paraded the new looks from the year I was born. And for once, my prayers were answered.

Blonde hair with brunette flecks!

Anonymous said...

Vidal Sassoon is living proof that it's not just homosexual fashion mavens who made good trade out of getting tall skinny women to don ridiculous apparel.

Madduane said...

Anonymous #1 -- My boss & I were totally enthralled by the Red Cateyes, too!

Thanks for this, Peter!

Karen Zipdrive said...

The photo on your post is obviously celebrating the Spanish art of bullfighting.
Red for the blood gushing from toro's neck, black representing toro himself, and off white representing toro's pointy horns.

Aunt Snow said...

I love the bulls's ass in the background. Very classy.