Sunday, March 07, 2010

Final Group Of Cartoon Dumpster Decorators

Click all for bigger.

Here's the last batch of the cartoon character stencils I made in the 80s. The one above was my favorite, and I also had a smaller version for more discreet use. That's Betty Boop's pal Bimbo (see his finest moment here). I'm a huge fan of Fleischer Studios' cartoons, with their slummier-than-Disney ambiance and rubbery surrealism. Naturally, I also love Olive Oyl:

This next one is more obscure, and I'm sad to report that it fell apart as I was scanning it:

That one must have puzzled people who saw it on dumpsters and power transformers in Mission Beach. That's Foska, the star of Marv Newland's experimental masterpiece Anijam (do watch it here). I have some more Anijam memorabilia I'll post later, as well as animation cels from Newland's other films.


Joseph said...

this is the stuff I come here for. I like peteykins junk drawer better than princess sparkle pony

Anonymous said...

good job on stencils! looks great