Friday, March 26, 2010

Fashion Victim: Getting Dressed In The Dark

Sometimes I really think about what I'm wearing to work and nobody notices, or I'll get the tried-and-true "That's an... interesting... combination." Today, I was a little rushed and didn't really pay attention. On my way to the Metro, I looked down and thought, Peteykins, what the hell have you got on? Wouldn't you know it? I got, like, a zillion compliments all day long. Here's what it was:

  • Blue windowpane plaid sport coat, wool, contemporary, Burberry.
  • Red patterned narrow tie, silk, vintage (early 60s?), no label.
  • Cobalt teal furry sweater*, mohair and acrylic, vintage (mid 60s?), Custom-Aire Sportswear.
  • Black and white patterned shirt, cotton, contemporary... OK, this is embarrassing, but it's French Connection (clearance rack at Filene's Basement, OK?).

I wore it all with blue Levi's 501s and black loafers with pink (?!) socks.

*These were trendy for a brief period in time. I love them! Whether acrylic "fauxhair" or genuine goat hair, I used to pick these oddities up in San Diego thrift stores for dirt cheap. Today, they're readily available on eBay.


Anonymous said...


Fran said...

It's a good look. I've seen you - I know you can carry off just about anything with great verve and style.

Bartman said...

Is that the Holy Spirit over your left shoulder or just a flash?

Anonymous said...

It's a smash! I'd love to see more wardrobe blogging by you. To me, there are more interesting than the sides of a bus, but that is just me. Why not do both?

Peteykins said...

Don't I?

Lulu Maude said...

Nice red.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Tres foppish!
I think you should pose in front of those pukey buses.

Shara Azod said...

The longer I look, the more I like. I need a refresher trip to Paris ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Hi -

For mohair sweater fabulousness check out the original "Ocean's Eleven". Opening scenes, Frank Sinatra, bright orange mohair cardigan.

You look great.

Candice said...

Thanks for the comment! I actually love this look, its great :D I guess patterns have never worked for me, but ive never bought clothes with that in mind! or maybe ive just seen too many Perth people around who cant do it right. Great blog! :)