Sunday, February 07, 2010

By The Way: Bingo!

I'll fess up: I haven't watched the video of Sarah's speech. I just can't. However, even though I still haven't found a full transcript (this is close, and may eventually become one), from the info I've gathered, I believe we can all jump up in the air and wave around our cards while screaming BINGO!

I'm calling a win in the "G" column. The nonexistent word was lamestream as in lamestream media, which she said. Reagan, of course, was mentioned several times, including literally in her first breath. Palin did do some Tennessee/Nashville pandering, including a reference to country music, at the beginning of her speech. Palin included Nancy Pelosi in a disparaging Reid/Pelosi/Obama comment. And I'm just assuming several "G"s got dropped (correct me if I'm wrong) along the way.

Still, I expected the board to get more filled up. I'm amazed that she neither used the word socialist nor used Washington as an adjective*. I'm crushed, obv, that she missed the opportunity to sport a stylish tea bag accessory.  And she referred to Trig, but I'm not sure if she did by name (Update: she didn't).

Still! Bingo!

UPDATE: I got a full transcript from Pony Pal™ WIIIAI, and I'm pleased to say I was able to cross out Names Founding Father (she mentioned George Washington) and Subject/Verb disagreement ("And each of us who is here today are living proof that you don't need an office or a title to make a difference.") for a second win across! Yay!

*As in "Washington insiders." She never did it!


Anonymous said...

OMG, Princess Sparkle Pony, it's so good to read you again!!

Anonymous said...

OMG also! Four months of no PSP, and now your back! Yeah!

You forgot to include "Shout out" in your card.

Mark said...

Brilliant post! Finally something useful from her nonsense.

Sheeeeeit said...

The transcript does it no justice. She plows through the words, ignoring punctuation, misusing inflection, getting lost and making no sense! I watched the entire train-wreck. Fucking idiot. It was delicious.

dguzman said...

A few more paragraphs and I'm thinking you could've won at Blackout Bingo as well.