Sunday, January 24, 2010

Book Shelf: Tiger Beat Super Special Vol. 1 #4, 1977, Part Four

Let's wrap up this odd bit of 70s detritus. The last quarter of any mag is usually a dud, and this one is no exception, with lots of house ads and stars on the decline. Speaking of which, here's a few spreads on the plummeting Bay City Rollers, including Pat and Ian, the saddest Rollers who were only in the group for a few months:

What could be more beguiling than Shaun on an op-art background? You decide:

On the left, some facts about Leigh! You CAN meet him! As for me, since they don't include his last name, I have no idea who he is:

Also on the left page, above, a weird last gasp for the Brady Kids and the DeFranco family. This was the end of the road for all of them. Next, a little bit of Scott Baio worship:

Willie Ames, the cutest Eight is Enough boy talks about girls:

That Charlie's Angels shirt is way, way better than the retro fakes which cropped up in the 90s.  Finally, some more Donny and Marie, because too much is never enough, and full-face Leif:

The back cover, terrible pics of Marie and Donny:

That was fun! I don't think I'll scan a whole magazine again anytime soon; too much work. But I've got plenty of other garbage to scan, so stay tuned.


jterry said...

One could land a sizable aircraft on Donny's lapels.

Matty Boy said...

The stalking of Leigh is genuinely disturbing.

okojo said...

I see where all the photo editors for the Nazi Propaganda Ministry ended up after the war: Tiger Beat Magazine

I am wondering how many cans of agua net were slaughtered in the making of the 1977 edition, and how many nylon chinchillas were needed to make all those fancy threads.

samael7 said...

Could that be Leigh McCloskey? (This site was all I could find, but it seems somewhwat close a match, since he did a 1976 TV-movie with Eve Plumb and subsequently "came to the attention of teen magazines").

Now you have me second guessing those Charlie's Angels shirts. Pretty sure I remember the originals, though.

And Leif Garrett? You know, I don't see the appeal anymore. His stoner-y good looks, well, aren't.

Lulu Maude said...

Donny and Marie--Behind Closed Doors.

What's that about?

tireiron chef said...

Man! Just for the heck of it, I googled Willie Aames--according to his Wikipedia page, he's had some problems, which I guess led him to be born-again. He's been broke, he's tried to commit suicide, and he's now a financial advisor.