Saturday, January 23, 2010

Book Shelf: Tiger Beat Super Special Vol. 1 #4, 1977, Part Three

Here's part three of the superfab Tiger Beat Super Special from 1977. I think this is a cool snapshot of a very specific moment of pop culture. 

Here's the foxy and wholesome Eight is Enough gals. Most of them had fairly bad careers after this:

Some fairly uninteresting questions, but I do like the declaration "I'm hooked on Shaun Cassidy but good!":

Too, too much information about Captain and Tennille:

They were such huge superstars for such a short period of time! Note the little thing on upcoming new show Three's Company:

Greg Evigan would have to wait a couple of years for it to be his "year at the top" with BJ and the Bear, but he's had a busy, busy career ever since. Next, what does Grant Goodeve like in a girl? The answers are boilerplate Tiger Beat standard:

This is the most poignant part of the mag, the end of the line for the Bay City Rollers, pared down to only two original members:

Poor Les misses the Rollers' good old days, when they were popular:

Stay tuned for the final part, with more wistful Bay City Rollers nostalgia, Willie Ames, more Donny and Marie and Leif!


Matty Boy said...

I blinked and missed Biff Warren's career. Poor guy died of AIDS in 1993. If there's a contest for which hunky Tiger Beat guy looks best with his shirt off in this issue, Biff would get many, many votes.

Also, a question about Roger Daltrey! I think the correct answer would have been, "You should buy Creem Magazine. That's where people write about real rock stars like Roger!"

This really is wonderful fun to read.

Madduane said...

When I read Captain & Tennile fac t #576, I pictured a Walter Keane painting.

Anonymous said...

Any sentence can be made punchier with an exclamation point! kids love it!

Leatrice Boing said...

Fun! The one 8 is enough girl on the bottom looks like a young Ruth Buzzi

samael7 said...

Heh, pre-General-Hospital and pre-Jessie's-Girl Rick Springfield! The Rickstravaganza was yet to come; the Shaunocalypse had to play itself out first.

Those Charlie's Angels shirts . . . I now remember actually seeing those on people. Wow, that's an unburied memory. I wonder what else is in my head. Little scary.

Matty: There's a lot of shirtlessness in this issue, it seems. (Donny! Osmond! *shudder)

Anonymous said...

"I go to Discotheques"! "I like the Bee Gees"! "Lets do the Tiger Beat"! "till we go crazy"!!!