Friday, January 22, 2010

Book Shelf: Tiger Beat Super Special Vol. 1 #4, 1977, Part Two

You probably got the idea at the end of the last part of this fab mag that it was heading in an Osmond direction, and you were right:

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I like the part where the Donny article takes a surreal turn and asks you to imagine "What if you woke up one morning and nobody had ever heard of Donny but you?" Eh, give it fifty years. Next up: TV gossip:

Favorite part: "LeVar Burton recently filmed a Trailways bus commercial." Also, talk about a no-brainer for Tiger Beat: "There's talk that Olivia Newton John will join John Travolta in his new movie Grease... we think this would be a great movie team, don't you?" Speaking of Travolta, here's a report about the wrap party for Saturday Night Fever, obviously before its release:

Contest winners:

Quick Quotes: made-up quotes from your fave celebs:

The best part is John Travolta on Lily Tomlin: "She's the most important lady of this century! If things go as planned, I will be co-starring with her in the last of my three-picture deal with Robert Stigwood. I'm really looking forward to it." The result, of course, was the legendary stinkbomb Moment by Moment, which ruined his career until Urban Cowboy. Next is an ad for Laufer's seemingly endless supply of splintery fan mags, and, yawn, Robbie Benson:

More Robby:

Yet more Robby, and hardcore Farrah:

Remember the Keane Brothers? No? Yeah, me neither:

Letters to the editor. My favorite one features an admonishment for lax Henry Winkler coverage:

Tiger Beat discovers Mark Hamill:

Wacky times with Starsky and Hutch:

They are nuts, those two! Here's a really obscure one:

You are forgiven if you're drawing a blank on beguiling Lenny. His career was mercifully brief. This seems like a particularly halfhearted attempt at launching a teen idol.

Stay tuned for part 3, in which we experience total enlightenment while gazing at photos of the Eight is Enough kids.


Fran said...

Oh, you have made an otherwise intolerable evening into a treat. Oh, my hot water heater may be dead, I may have paid the plumber overtime to bring the wrong one at 9:30 on a Friday night, but goddam, I got me some TigerBeat to soothe me.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I wonder if Petey bought these brand new as an enchanted youth, or decades later as...

Peteykins said...

...Decades later as a thrift store scrounger.

Matty Boy said...

Your day job in the museum biz shines through with these posts, Peteykins. You have a clear focus on what historical treasures must be saved for future generations.


samael7 said...

Random reactions, in about this order:
1) OMG, is that Donny Osmond without a shirt?
2) I vaguely remember Robbie Benson. I feel like I should remember more of him.
3) In hindsight, "...what else could it be but a hit?" is not the best way to end an article about pre-facial-reconstruction-surgery Mark Hamill.
4) Donny Osmond without a shirt??